Doppelte Versuchung: Das Kindermädchen

In diesem knisternden, historischen Westernroman verlieben sich zwei draufgängerische Cowboys in dieselbe Frau und wetteifern darum, wer letztendlich ihr unschlüssiges Herz erobern wird. Nachdem die temperamentvolle Abigail Rose von ihrem Verlobten verlassen wurde und dadurch in Ungnade gefallen ist, schwört sie, sich nie wieder zu verlieben, egal wie verlockend der Mann auch sein mag. Als […]

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Als Eadyth, ein hochwohlgeborenes, angelsächsisches Fräulein, das wohlhabende Anwesen ihres Vaters erbt, zwingen die Heiratspläne ihres durchtriebenen Onkels sie dazu, sich in eine Abtei zu flüchten. Doch kurz darauf wird ihr Zufluchtsort von Wikingern überrannt und die unschuldige Eadyth wird von zwei wilden, nordischen Häuptlingen gefangen genommen, von denen jeder ein wundervolles Exemplar muskulöser, viriler […]

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Claiming Their Mail Order Bride (A Cowboy Ménage Romance)

Claiming their Mail Order Bride cover art

One mail-order bride on the run. Two dangerously attractive ranchers. And a huge secret.  Innocent Sarah Franklin is on the run to escape a fate worse than death. During her long journey west, she befriends Liza Hunter, a mail-order bride who’s agreed to marry two men…at the same time! When her new friend unexpectedly dies […]

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Claiming Their Nanny (A Cowboy Ménage Romance)

cover art for Claiming Their Nanny

Two rugged cowboys vow to claim the reluctant heart of the woman they both love After being dumped and disgraced by her fiancé, spirited Abigail Rose swears never to fall in love again, no matter how tempting the man. When she sees an ad looking for a nanny to care for an orphaned baby way […]

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Submitting to My Stablehands

I am Amanda, Countess Fairmount. When my two handsome stablehands accuse me of using them and then spurning them, they once again turn the tables on me! During one heated night in the stables, I discover that I can’t get enough of their skin-tingling discipline as these two insatiable, virile men teach me a stern […]

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Seduced by My Stablehands

Revenge is sweet. Being ravished by two muscular, sweaty stablehands is even sweeter! My name is Lady Amanda Fairmount, and I am married to a man who shows no interest in me. After a year of marriage, I am still innocent, but burning with the needs of a woman. I long for the touch of […]

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Guarding the Countess

To love him would be a scandal. To lose him would be heartbreaking. She’s a widowed countess in need of protection. He’s a handsome mercenary swordsman with a dark secret. And they have a ruthless enemy willing to do anything to keep them apart. […]

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Taken by the Barbarian Princes

Taken By The Barbarian Princes - Lily Reynard

Torn from my home on my wedding day by the conquering troops of General Vespasian, I offer myself as a war-prize to two handsome, muscular barbarian princes in return for my family’s safety. Far from being afraid, I thank all the gods for this unexpected rescue from my loathsome bridegroom. Hardened by years in the […]

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Loved by the Barbarian Princes

Loved by the Barbarian Princes - Lily Reynard

The stalemate between my two barbarian suitors remains unbroken until their queen decrees that I must let their goddess decide which of them should wed me. In the sacred ordeal of the Mating Hunt, I will be the quarry and Ateas and Palakus the hunters! If either man catches me, then I’ll be at the […]

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Claimed by the Barbarian Princes

Claimed by the Barbarian Princes - Lily Reynard

After the handsome barbarian princes Ateas and Palakus save me from a loathsome bridegroom, they take me on a journey to their homeland on the borders of the empire. Ateas declares he wants to wed me, but Palakus objects, wanting me for himself. Now it’s up to me to choose one of them as my […]

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