Submitting to My Stablehands

Fairmount Chronicles 2


I am Amanda, Countess Fairmount. When my two handsome stablehands accuse me of using them and then spurning them, they once again turn the tables on me! During one heated night in the stables, I discover that I can’t get enough of their skin-tingling discipline as these two insatiable, virile men teach me a stern lesson about toying with their affections, and force me to beg for my fulfillment.

I never thought that my two servants would want more than my voluptuous body, but I was wrong. They want all of me: body, heart and soul. And I want to give them everything I have…but first, I have to learn to submit to them.

This sizzling follow-up to SEDUCED BY MY STABLEHANDS is a short story of forbidden passion between a countess and her two sexy stablehands, who take her in every way possible and give her everything she longs for. For mature readers only. M/F/M, consensual BDSM scenes

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