Seduced by My Stablehands

Fairmount Chronicles 1


Revenge is sweet. Being ravished by two muscular, sweaty stablehands is even sweeter!

My name is Lady Amanda Fairmount, and I am married to a man who shows no interest in me. After a year of marriage, I am still innocent, but burning with the needs of a woman. I long for the touch of a real man and the chance to start a family.

My world comes crashing down around me when I find my husband in bed with his valet, giving that man what he’s always denied me.

Enraged yet aroused by what I’ve witnessed, I’m determined to combine revenge with pleasure! But when I go to the stables to demand that my tall, broad-shouldered stablehand Royce make me a woman at last, another of my virile servants overhears my plea…and joins us!

They turn the tables on me, and teach me to submit to their untamed lusts. What follows is hard, insistent, demanding, with two insatiable men ready to touch me, discipline me, and take me in ways I never imagined.

This is my revenge and my fulfillment, and I’ll enjoy every minute of it!

This sizzling-hot historical romance is a short story of forbidden passion between a countess and her two lusty stablehands, who take her in every way possible and give her everything she longs for. For mature readers only. M/F/M, brief M/M

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