Loved by the Barbarian Princes - Lily Reynard

Loved by the Barbarian Princes

(Skatha Chronicles, Book 3)


The stalemate between my two barbarian suitors remains unbroken until their queen decrees that I must let their goddess decide which of them should wed me.

In the sacred ordeal of the Mating Hunt, I will be the quarry and Ateas and Palakus the hunters! If either man catches me, then I’ll be at the mercy of his demanding appetites until dawn…and the bride of a barbarian prince!

But when the Mating Hunt proves inconclusive, can I follow my heart and make the scandalous choice to marry both of them? And how will my barbarian lovers react if I ask them to defy every custom of Rome and the Skatha to share me?

This novella is the final part of a three-part serial historical romance set in ancient Rome.

Praise for Loved by the Barbarian Princes

Here’s what reviewers are saying about Loved by the Barbarian Princes:

“Loved this series. Titillating but not overboard. Lots of information about Roman times and very well researched. Wish there was a 4th book.”

“Another great book from a great writer.”

“Wow again!  …Are there more? If they are as powerful as this series then I can’t wait to read another!!!!!!”

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