Claimed by the Barbarian Princes - Lily Reynard

Claimed by the Barbarian Princes

(Skatha Chronicles, Book 2)


After the handsome barbarian princes Ateas and Palakus save me from a loathsome bridegroom, they take me on a journey to their homeland on the borders of the empire. Ateas declares he wants to wed me, but Palakus objects, wanting me for himself. Now it’s up to me to choose one of them as my husband as both men court me. By the terms of our bargain, I must spend my nights sharing each of their beds in turn.

After weeks of enjoying forbidden delights during which both men take me and make me theirs, our journey nears its end. Now I must face my stern uncle with the news that I rejected the marriage he arranged in favor of marrying a barbarian.

Worse, I realize I’ve fallen in love with both men and I can’t bear to lose either of them. How can I choose between them?

This novella is the second part of a three-part serial historical romance set in ancient Rome.

Praise for Claimed by the Barbarian Princes

Here’s what reviewers are saying about Claimed by the Barbarian Princes:

“Very sensual and filled with delightful loving… She has to choose one of the twins and is truly attached to both of them. Can’t wait for the third book.”

“I enjoyed this so much I went and bought the other stories in this series.”

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