A Kiss of Roses and Moonlight

Coming March 2024! When I arrived at Darkstone Academy for the Magical Arts as an indentured servant destined to slave away in the kitchens, I never imagined I was actually the lost Princess Jacinthe, second-in-line to the throne of the Dominion. Since arriving at the isolated island academy for delinquent mage student, my life has […]

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A Kiss of Flame and Fury

In a world filled with magic and political intrigue, my heart dares to defy the rules. I was once just a girl without magic in a world dominated by powerful human mages. My life took an unexpected turn when I was sold into indentured servitude at Darkstone Academy for the Magical Arts, a reform school […]

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A Kiss of Sea and Salt

Coming soon!  I’m alone, far from home, and surrounded by dangerous enemies. My name is Jacinthe. I’m the orphaned daughter of a powerful witch healer, but I was born without any magic of my own. I want revenge on the evil stepfather who sold me into slavery. But first, I have to survive toiling in […]

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Tamed by the Incubus

Nicole just wants a normal, happy life. But once you’ve been held captive by an incubus and turned into a werewolf against your will, “normal” takes on a new meaning. Then Nicole meets Gabriel, the founder of a high-tech company. Rich, sexy, and attracted to her, he’s everything she’s ever dreamed of…and her inner wolf […]

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Submitting to the Incubus

A deal with the devil… Marissa Brandt hunts demons for a living—until a mission goes terribly wrong when her pyromancer abilities go berserk. Fearful that she’s becoming one of the monsters she’s been taught to hate, Marissa is desperate enough take the deal offered by Michael Amestra, the charismatic CEO of Archangel Security Networks. He […]

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Her Incubus Master

An incubus is always in control. Andras makes the rules. He sets the limits. And he never reveals his secret to his human submissives. Or falls in love with them. Until he meets Katie… Keep a glass of ice water handy, because Her Incubus Master is a scorching paranormal romance with BDSM and menage love […]

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Her Incubus Knight

Beautiful beasts and beastly beauties–Bliss Devlin returns with a sizzling new paranormal romance set in the Middle Ages. The illegitimate daughter of an impoverished knight, Marie de Brisoux has no better prospects than a tedious life as a servant. Her existence is transformed–in more ways than one–when the group she’s traveling with is slaughtered by […]

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Hunter by Bliss Devlin and Ophelia Sexton

Beautiful. Deadly. Destined. A skilled assassin… Jaguar shifter Catrina Hunter is a Beast Warrior, used by Whitepine Security Services to do its dirty work. She might be good at her job, but she hates it. And she can’t remember anything about her life before WSS. An assignment to retrieve an AWOL scientist and his research […]

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Fugitive by Bliss Devlin and Ophelia Sexton

A woman on the run… Shannon Joyce is a gifted psychic healer with a dangerous secret. When she’s kidnapped by shifter mercenaries working for Whitepine Security Services, she knows escape is her only option. Her frantic flight brings her to Elysia, a peaceful town nestled in the Rocky Mountains…but her wolf shifter pursuers aren’t far […]

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