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A Kiss of Roses and Moonlight

Darkstone Academy, Book 3


Coming March 2024!

When I arrived at Darkstone Academy for the Magical Arts as an indentured servant destined to slave away in the kitchens, I never imagined I was actually the lost Princess Jacinthe, second-in-line to the throne of the Dominion.

Since arriving at the isolated island academy for delinquent mage student, my life has become a treacherous dance of emerging power and forbidden desires. Every whisper in these ancient halls speaks of magic and secrets, and every shadow hides hostile eyes watching my every move. But my heart refuses to be caged by fear, especially now when the fate of those I hold dear hangs in the balance.

Darkstone Academy is not just a school for magic; it’s a battleground of political intrigue where human mages, diplomatic hostages, and supernatural beings coexist in a fragile harmony. Here, I found my unlikely allies – the fierce merman Lord Tama, the dragon Prince Boreas, the enigmatic Dark Fae Prince Gwydion, and the troubled but compassionate Lord Ilhan, the Duke of Frankia’s heir. Together, we stand against those who seek to use me as a pawn in their power plays. But amidst this chaos, my heart yearns for one who is cursed to never know love.

Gwydion’s Curse of Thorns, a sadistic legacy from his dark past, threatens to tear us apart before our love even has a chance to bloom. As we strive to break this curse, we delve into ancient rituals and esoteric knowledge, hoping against hope. Yet, with each step we take, Lady Erzabetta, the academy’s cruel chatelaine, weaves her treacherous web around us, threatening to unravel everything we’ve strived for.

In this deadly game of magic, love, and power, I must confront not only the dangers lurking in every shadowed corner but also the truth within my heart. Will my love for my protectors be the key to our salvation, or will it be our ultimate downfall? As the lines between ally and enemy blur, one thing is certain – the choices I make will either forge our destiny or destroy it.



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