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A Kiss of Flame and Fury

Darkstone Academy, Book 2


In a world filled with magic and political intrigue, my heart dares to defy the rules.

I was once just a girl without magic in a world dominated by powerful human mages. My life took an unexpected turn when I was sold into indentured servitude at Darkstone Academy for the Magical Arts, a reform school filled with dangers and dark secrets, far from the only home I’ve ever known.

At the academy, I found unlikely allies in four captivating outcasts: Lord Tama, a merman whose protection is as fierce as the ocean; Prince Boreas, a dragon whose fire mirrors my own hidden strengths; Prince Gwydion, a Fae whose enigmatic presence stirs something deep within me; and Lord Ilhan, the compassionate son of a renegade duke. As diplomatic hostages, they’re each carrying the weight of their realms on their shoulders.

As newly awakened mage, I soon find myself in a perilous dance of power and desire. With strict laws forbidding human-supernatural relationships, our connection is not just illicit; it’s a spark that could set our worlds ablaze.

But there’s more at stake than forbidden love. Students at Darkstone Academy are dying, and I’m caught in the heart of a deadly conspiracy. It’s no longer just about survival; it’s a race to unravel a web of lies that threatens to plunge our worlds into a brutal war.

With every step, the path grows darker, and loyalties are tested. In this treacherous game of magic and power, my newfound love might be the most dangerous weapon of all.

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