A Kiss of Sea and Salt

Darkstone Academy, Book 1


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I’m alone, far from home, and surrounded by dangerous enemies.

My name is Jacinthe. I’m the orphaned daughter of a powerful witch healer, but I was born without any magic of my own. I want revenge on the evil stepfather who sold me into slavery.

But first, I have to survive toiling in the kitchens at the Darkstone Academy for Magical Arts. The human students here are the rejects from other academies, out-of-control psycho mages. And then there are the supernaturals. They hate humans and aren’t shy about showing it.

But then I meet three powerful supernatural guys who don’t want to be here either. They will do anything to keep Darkstone Academy from breaking me.

The gorgeous but cold Merfolk prince Tama is a monster who kills without a second thought to protect me.

The dragon lord, Boreas, is fiery and ruggedly handsome. When he tells me he treasures me, it’s time to worry. Dragons never let go of treasures from their hoards.

And finally, the beautiful but enigmatic Fae nobleman Gwydion is a fellow healer. His skilled kisses leave me wanting more. A lot more. But the Fae are dangerous… especially when you owe them a favor. Like me.

Then, as students and supernaturals begin dying all around us, I’m plunged into a vortex of murder and political intrigue. Are my three new protectors the solution to the problem… or the cause?

Maybe I don’t have a drop of magic. But I have sharp wits, an unparalleled gift for herbs and potions, and a whole boatload of sheer stubborness. I’m determined to leave Darkstone Academy in one piece and free, no matter what it throws at me.

A Kiss of Salt and Sea is the first volume in a steamy dark academy fantasy romance series. If you love page-turning action, a richly imagined fantasy world, and slow-burn romance with sizzling payoffs, then Darkstone Academy is the place to be!


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