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Hard Landing cover art

Hard Landing

Rocky Mountain Smokejumpers Book 1


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Trapped with a woman whose scent tempts his wolf

When smokejumper Carl Jensen’s parachute accident leaves him with a badly-hurt leg, he’s forced to take shelter on a remote mountain ranch. The ranch’s owner, a lush, curvy woman, intrigues him. He’d like nothing more than to keep her warm through the cold nights.

Too bad Michelle wants nothing to do with him.

Maybe that’s because she saw him shift from wolf to human. Or maybe because she guards a fragile heart.

When Carl coaxes a kiss from her tempting lips, his wolf demands that Carl claim her as their fated mate. In that instant, Carl realizes he must find a way to stay with her and woo his woman.

But when an evil bear shifter threatens Michelle, Carl must set aside his plans for a slow seduction.

Now that he’s found his true mate, he’ll fight to the death to protect her.

Can she resist the sexiest man she’s ever seen?

Michelle Hernandez came to the mountains of Colorado to heal her broken heart. After a bitter betrayal and divorce, she’s sworn off men. On her Rocky Mountain property, she cares for the younger brother she’s taken in. Together they try to keep her ranch afloat.

Not easy when something—or someone—keeps ruining her fences and attacking her livestock.

Or when a handsome, rugged smokejumper crash-lands on her ranch and needs a place to recuperate. Michelle tells herself she can resist the wolf shifter even though he’s the sexiest man she’s ever seen. She’ll keep her distance and ignore his promise to protect her.

But when Carl claims her lips, her world tilts. Can she take a chance on a wolf shifter who promises forever?

HARD LANDING is the first book in an exciting new series about an elite all-shifter team of firefighters!

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"Sit. Let me," she ordered.

He lowered himself to the mudroom's bench without protest. "Thanks."

She knelt to untie and loosen his boots. That's when she noticed that his bandage, visible through the hole in the leg of his pants, was stained red. A fresh spear of guilt twisted in her gut.

"I think you overdid it today," she said as she pulled off his boots. She added in a mock-stern voice, "I'm sending you straight to bed, young man."

"Only if you come with me," he said in a low, sexy voice that kindled a slow, hot throb of desire in the place between her legs.

She glanced up and saw that his blue eyes had acquired a definite golden sheen.

Michelle scrambled to her feet. Carl rose with her, all signs of pain gone, and put his hands on her shoulders.

His gaze burned into her, intensifying her need. She fought the urge to wrap her arms around him and press herself against his hard, muscled torso.

She caught her lower lip between her teeth and saw his eyes fasten on her mouth. Quite suddenly, she desperately wanted him to kiss her.

"Thanks again for coming with me. Even though you probably should have remained here and stayed off that leg."

"It was my pleasure." He slowly bent towards her.

She couldn't breathe, couldn't move. Every part of her yearned for the kiss he was about to give her.

Stranger, werewolf, it didn't matter. Michelle wanted him with an intensity that hit her like a freight train. He was in a totally different league than the men she used to date. Or the one she had married.

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