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Bearpaw Ridge Firefighters Book 10


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“Wow!!! Awesome addition to the Bearpaw Ridge Firefighters series.” – Amazon reviewer

Accidentally mated to her family’s worst enemy…

Bear shifter Kayla Swanson is trapped. While firefighting a wildfire in New Mexico, she makes a grave mistake and the flames are getting close. Lucky for her a tall, ruggedly handsome shifter comes to her aid.

The fire may have been extinguished but their passion sparks a heated encounter. A mating bond takes them both by surprise, and a surprise baby is on the way. One problem: this shifter happens to be a disgraced police officer and convicted felon. A mating bond means forever, but what if forever doesn’t work out?

Kayla’s always wanted a mate and a family of her own. Just not this mate. How can she be bonded to a man she knows she should despise? Even if she can’t stop thinking about his courage and compassion in the face of overwhelming danger…

Claiming his fated mate…

A decade ago, sabertooth shifter Pete Langlais made a series of terrible decisions that effectively ruined his life. He lost everything: custody of his son Chris, his career as a police officer, his reputation, and his freedom. Trying to redeem himself, he volunteers as an inmate firefighter during a massive wildfire. When he meets beautiful, courageous Kayla, he knows he must risk everything to save her…and to claim her as his mate.

Pete’s courage and heroic actions win him a full pardon and freedom, but he knows he’s got almost no chance of winning the heart of his pregnant mate or the respect of his estranged son. But he’s beaten the odds before. He arrives in Bearpaw Ridge to claim Kayla and reunite with Chris, determined to prove to both of them that he’s a changed man and worthy to be a mate and a father.

When fire burns, everyone’s at risk of getting hurt…
Pete can try to convince Kayla of his true desires, but she has to decide for herself. Mated forever? Or is their love destined to go up in flames?

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"It's gonna be okay, cher," Pete murmured. "We're gonna get through this."

The firestorm outside lasted for what seemed like an endless time, though Kayla knew that it was probably only five or six minutes.

The shelter did its job well, keeping out most of the heat.

More disconcerting were the embers and chunks of debris that rained down on them continuously.

Careful to keep their arms and legs inside, Kayla and Pete desperately tried to knock away anything that landed on them while also keeping the shelter's fabric pinned down.

The awful tumult outside began gradually die down, and the rain of debris tapered off.

"Looks like we made it," Pete said, and rolled over to hug her.

His breath was hot against her cheek and her ear, and the sensation sent a pleasant jolt through her. Her breasts pressed against his hard chest, and she felt his heart pounding despite the layers of clothing that separated them.

Kayla reached up blindly, trying to find his face. Her fingertips encountered hot skin and the light prickle of stubble. She turned her face from his chest and stretched up to kiss him.

His mouth was firm, his lips slightly chapped.

He stiffened with surprise at the contact, and she drew back. "I'm sor—" she began.

His mouth returned to cover hers in a hard, passionate kiss, cutting off her apology and driving all rational thought out of her head in a rush of heat and pure animal desire.

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