Jump Point

“WARNING: Do not start this book if you have to do something tomorrow. You will not be able to stop until you are finished!” – Booksprout reviewer Bear shifter Mike Nakano is in love with his friend and teammate, coyote shifter Kara LaTrans, but he doesn’t want to risk their friendship by confessing his feelings […]

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A drawing of the head of a Greek statue representing Philtata Press

Her connection to an enemy shifter is forged in flame. When a plane falls from the sky and crashes on Ethan Jacobsen’s ranch, the NTSB investigator who arrives is a lovely, confident wolf shifter. Tamara is smart and sassy, with curves that Ethan longs to explore. She’s a fascinating mix of contradictions. On the outside, […]

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Hard Landing

Hard Landing cover art

Trapped with a woman whose scent tempts his wolf When smokejumper Carl Jensen’s parachute accident leaves him with a badly-hurt leg, he’s forced to take shelter on a remote mountain ranch. The ranch’s owner, a lush, curvy woman, intrigues him. He’d like nothing more than to keep her warm through the cold nights. Too bad […]

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“Wow!!! Awesome addition to the Bearpaw Ridge Firefighters series.” – Amazon reviewer Accidentally mated to her family’s worst enemy… Bear shifter Kayla Swanson is trapped. While firefighting a wildfire in New Mexico, she makes a grave mistake and the flames are getting close. Lucky for her a tall, ruggedly handsome shifter comes to her aid. […]

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Christmas in July

Becoming his mate would mean leaving everything and everyone Hannah Swanson loves. Her big, close-knit family and her hometown mean everything to bear shifter Hannah Swanson. As a devastating wildfire threatens Bearpaw Ridge, she meets and falls for a handsome firefighter who’s traveled all the way from Australia to help save the town. But is […]

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Bear shifter Margaret Einarsson Swanson never thought that love would find her again after her mate Ryan was killed. The curvy widow has spent years raising her children and running the Grizzly Creek Ranch’s bed-and-breakfast operation. Then professional chef Daniel Langlais shows up seeking sanctuary at the ranch. He’s wounded, on the run with his […]

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Hunter by Bliss Devlin and Ophelia Sexton

Beautiful. Deadly. Destined. A skilled assassin… Jaguar shifter Catrina Hunter is a Beast Warrior, used by Whitepine Security Services to do its dirty work. She might be good at her job, but she hates it. And she can’t remember anything about her life before WSS. An assignment to retrieve an AWOL scientist and his research […]

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Fugitive by Bliss Devlin and Ophelia Sexton

A woman on the run… Shannon Joyce is a gifted psychic healer with a dangerous secret. When she’s kidnapped by shifter mercenaries working for Whitepine Security Services, she knows escape is her only option. Her frantic flight brings her to Elysia, a peaceful town nestled in the Rocky Mountains…but her wolf shifter pursuers aren’t far […]

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BLAZE by Ophelia Sexton

A bear shifter with the heart of a hero Dimitri Medved used to live in the shadows of New York high society. But his ruthless, unscrupulous parents poisoned everything they ever touched before they were caught and sent to prison. Trying to escape his past, Dimitri left New York City and started a new life […]

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Smoke by Ophelia Sexton

A fresh start for a bad-boy bear shifter… Bear shifter Tyler Swanson used to be a real hell-raiser and the town’s bad boy. And desperately in love with Mary Jacobsen, the pretty blonde strait-laced daughter of a cop. When Tyler was forced to move away from Bearpaw Ridge after a prank that nearly sent him […]

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