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Flame by Ophelia Sexton


(Bearpaw Ridge Firefighters, Book 4)


A hotshot in trouble…
Thor Swanson is a bear shifter with a taste for danger. He’s also a firefighter who’s part of an elite smokejumper team. When a parachuting accident leaves him badly injured, he knows he can’t go to a hospital. Unfortunately, he can’t remember much else. All he knows is that the beautiful woman nursing him back to health is his. He’ll protect her with his life.

A beautiful shifter in worse trouble…
Cassandra Long is a curvy sabertooth shifter on the run. Her dreams of going to graduate school crashed and burned when her father arranged to marry her off to the head of a powerful and corrupt sabertooth clan in Texas. Edward Baldwin is a beast of a man…and he wasted no time in staking his claim. Since escaping her ex-fiance’s clutches, a traumatized Cassie has barely managed to stay one step ahead of the violent, terrifying shifter who thinks he owns her. The day he finds her, there’ll be hell to pay.

Fated mates…or star-crossed lovers?
But suddenly Thor bursts into Cassie’s life. And just like that, everything changes. Deep inside, Cassie knows she has to stay close to the handsome firefighter, no matter what. It’s finally time to stop running.

When Baldwin catches up to Cassie at last, Thor’s determined to stop the evil shifter in his tracks. Nobody takes his fated mate. But Thor’s still hurt. Can he find the strength to save her, when he can hardly remember his own last name?

And can Cassie step up and save Thor right back?

Praise for Flame

Here’s what reviewers are saying about Flame:

“This is a great story. This is one of my favorite series, love the Bearpaw Ridge Bears they treat their mates awesome. It might take them a minute to figure it out but when they do everything gets hot and sweaty quickly.”

“Once again a great book! Plenty of romance and action with a HEA ending.”

“If you’re in the mood for some fast paced action, danger, tensions, a bit of family drama and a couple to get behind from their first meeting – then Flame is a story you’ll want to pick up. I do feel that this is a series that should be read in order as events in past stories are discussed in the current one – it simply makes more reading “sense” to follow this one from the start… in my opinion. I would not hesitate to recommend this story or this series to any Paranormal Romance or Shifter Romance reader. A solid story, likable characters, a villain to hate, secondary characters to enjoy, it’s got everything a really good story needs.”

“After binge reading the first three books the last couple of days I was excited to read the fourth installment. Cassie and Thor’s story was a smooth read from beginning to end and had a great plot in addition to great romance. I loved watching Cassie grow into the strong woman she was always meant to be and it was nice to meet the elusive Swanson brother Thor. There was a trigger mentioned in this book but it was so tastefully done (seriously, thank you author!) that it only added to the story and made Cassie’s plight that much stronger. With only one book left I think Elle (the mom) needs to accept the fact that she can’t pick her sons mates! I look forward to the fifth book!”

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