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Ignite by Ophelia Sexton


(Bearpaw Ridge Firefighters, Book 3)


Bear shifter Evan Swanson loves curvy women…but not commitment. When he rescues a woman and her infant niece from a hotel fire, he’s shocked to realize she’s his fated mate. Not only is she his bear’s wet dream, she’s the first woman who’s ever turned him down for a date.

Steffi Tristan has been caring for baby Olivia since her sister and brother-in-law disappeared. When her niece turns into a bear cub before her eyes, Steffi knows it’s time to get help. Evan’s the most attractive man she’s ever met, but Steffi’s spent a lifetime in her beautiful sister’s shadow. A man like him couldn’t really want her.

When a sinister organization bent on abducting little Olivia follows Steffi to Bearpaw Ridge, Evan vows to protect them both. But can he neutralize the danger, persuade Steffi that he’s serious, and settle down happily with just one woman?

Praise for Ignite

Here’s what reviewers are saying about Ignite:

“I can’t believe how hooked on this series I am. Loved book 3! The stories are so believable…I just wish there really are shapeshifters…..but who knows….hahaha! Now on to book #4.”

“This book was worth every star. The story will keep you wanting more.”

“Sweet and sentimental with a nice dash of sexy. Having a man cook for you is good but having a man that knows what he’s doing is marvelous. Suspense was good and the under story was right on time!”

“This book was very good. Any book that could hold my interest to read the whole thing in one sitting is a GREAT book. In fact I loved the whole series. I am really hoping for a fourth book.”

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