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Burn by Ophelia Sexton


(Bearpaw Ridge Firefighters, Book 5)


Opposites attract…
Bear shifter Elle Swanson’s no stranger to heartbreak. She’s been widowed for many years. A second chance at romance? She’s not holding her breath. But at the most unexpected moment, love comes walking in. At a family wedding, she’s swept into the arms of tall cowboy Justin Long. Between his smoldering good looks and seductive caresses, she’s falling hard. Except for one big problem.

Justin’s a sabertooth shifter. Elle knows they’re pure trouble. Sabertooths have threatened her family in the past, and she can’t risk their safety, no matter how much Justin sets her senses ablaze.

A second chance at love…
After losing his mate in a tragic accident a decade ago, Justin believed he’d lost his one shot at happiness. But when he glimpses the lovely woman at his daughter’s wedding, he can’t believe his eyes. Could this be another chance at love?

Elle’s beautiful, strong, mature, and sexy—everything he craves in a mate. He knows she’s wary of sabertooth shifters, but vows to court her and claim her.

But just when he thinks he’s won her heart, his past—and vicious sabertooth politics—catch up with him. Suddenly, Justin finds himself fighting not only for his life, but for the future of his kind. Can Justin defeat the sabertooth threat or will his and Elle’s happily-ever-after come to a swift and violent end?

This steamy romance novella is a complete story, with no cliffhangers and a happy ending. However, it’s recommended that you first read Flame (Bearpaw Ridge Firefighters Book 4), as this story begins immediately after the end of Flame.

Praise for Burn

Here’s what reviewers are saying about Burn:

“Elle and Justin make a fun and unique couple, yet another pairing of a sabertooth cat and a bear – who would have ever believed it? *grin* It’s always a treat for me to see the more mature characters get their moment in the sun, to find love and passion at any age. And some of the scenes with Elle’s children, particularly Mark are just sputtering laughter worthy…”

“I loved this story it is full of hope, heroism, treachery and love. It grabbed me from the beginning and didn’t let go or disappoint. I give it 5 stars.”

“…a delightful read about what happens when a mischievous saber tooth shifter (Justin) decides to put the moves on a “bears only need apply” bear shifter (Elle) at his daughter’s wedding. Fun, passion, danger, and hard choices follow!”

“I absolutely could not stop reading once I started. I had just read and reviewed Flame, then started Burn. I loved the way Elle and Justin’s story started during the end of Cassie and Thor’s! It flowed right into it. It is also nice to read a story involving an “older” couple. It seems like only the young folks get an HEA…we slightly worn gals like to have some hope too!
One more winner, and I can’t wait to find out more about Ash in the next book!
It’s a great story by a great author and deserves to be read!”

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