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Bearpaw Ridge Firefighters Book 6


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A bear shifter promises to protect what’s his.
Bear shifter Ash Swanson is at the top of his game. Thanks to the wildly successful gaming company he founded, he’s well on his way to becoming a multi-millionaire. In his free time, Ash serves as a volunteer firefighter for the tightly knit community of Bearpaw Ridge. Powerful and fearless, Ash’s daring rescues have saved dozens of people. As the town hero, he leads an almost-perfect life.

Only two things are missing.

He’s never actually shifted. Ever.

Worse, after meeting his fated mate and beginning to plan a life with her, she disappears. When she returns just as suddenly as she left, he discovers she’s pregnant with his baby and on the run from her brutal clan. Ash vows to overcome any threat to protect her and their child.

All he needs is to learn how to shift into his bear…

Fated mates forced to part.
Beautiful, curvy Nika Medved fell in love with Ash Swanson at their first ShiftMatch-arranged date. He was everything she dreamed of—handsome, confident, kind. Most importantly, he was her fated mate. She didn’t care that he had never shifted.

Nika’s fairy-tale romance turns into a nightmare when her parents, ruthless Russian bears, discover that Ash can’t shift. Her mother, the clan matriarch, forbids her daughter to wed a defective shifter or pollute the family’s ancient grizzly bloodline. She vows to send her strongest enforcer to kill Ash and to force Nika to return to the clan.

When Nika finds she’s pregnant with Ash’s child, she quits medical school and goes into hiding. Cut off from her family’s money and with nowhere to turn, she returns to Bearpaw Ridge to face Ash.

Pregnant, alone, and in terrible danger, Nika bets her baby’s survival on the only man she can trust…

Praise for Ash

Here’s what reviewers are saying about Ash:

“I have been waiting to see what’s in store for Ash. He is such a sweetie! This delivers. Nika is smart, sexy and scared to death. Both want what’s best for the other. Great characters, good action, steamy scenes and lots of emotions in here.”

“So good. I loved Ash’s story. Neka was a very relatable character that drew me in to her plight.
I’m looking forward to many more stories is this world.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading Nika and Ash’s story. There are a lot of twists, along with the excitement,  suspense,  deception, despair, and romance.”

“If you’ve read this far in the series you already know how great the Swansons are- and the youngest brother was no exception… I was completely hooked. Sexton does a great job providing a cute romance with twists and turns that surprised and delight the reader! “

Let us entice you with a short preview of Ash!

Hell, he could smell the delicious perfume of her arousal right now, filling the cab of the pickup truck as they drove back to the ranch. And all he was doing was drawing slow circles on the palm of her hand with his thumb.

The highway was deserted, so he pulled over to the side of the road and parked.

"Is everything okay?" Nika asked.

That tense, worried look that bothered him so much returned as soon as he pulled over.

"Everything's just fine," he replied, raising her hand to his lips.

One by one, he slowly kissed the back of each finger, then worked his way across the delicate bumps of her knuckles, enjoying the hitch in her breathing and the sound of her heartbeat speeding up.

"I just couldn't wait to do…this," he continued, turning to cup her cheek with his free hand. "You're so beautiful, Nika, and I've missed you so much."

Slowly, he leaned in, savoring the hunger in her gaze and the pounding of her pulse.

"I've missed you, too," she whispered, her breath warm against his lips just before his mouth made contact.

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