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Bearpaw Ridge Firefighters Book 7


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A fresh start for a bad-boy bear shifter…
Bear shifter Tyler Swanson used to be a real hell-raiser and the town’s bad boy. And desperately in love with Mary Jacobsen, the pretty blonde strait-laced daughter of a cop. When Tyler was forced to move away from Bearpaw Ridge after a prank that nearly sent him to jail, he thought he was leaving his shifter hometown behind forever.
But when Tyler’s father dies unexpectedly, Tyler, now the head of a successful construction firm, returns to Bearpaw Ridge to help his widowed mother. Trying to put his old reputation to rest, he volunteers as a firefighter as a way to reconnect with the community after so many years. But people are reluctant to forgive and forget…especially the town’s wolf shifters, who still hold a grudge against Tyler.

Is this tattooed firefighter actually her fated mate?
Wolf shifter Mary Jacobsen is convinced that she’ll never find a mate of her own. Her first attempt at mating ended in failure. Then she fell for her longtime friend-with-benefits…just as he was falling in love with someone else.
When an arsonist targets her on the worst night of her life, she thinks she’s doomed to burn alive. But then Bearpaw Ridge’s newest volunteer firefighter Tyler Swanson saves her life and unexpected sparks fly between them. She never dreamed that losing her home and everything she owns could be the beginning of something new and wonderful…

Will their future together go up in flames?
Tyler can’t believe his luck when he rescues a beautiful woman from a burning home…and it turns out to be his old flame Mary. When the heat between them ignites into a blaze and Mary becomes pregnant, Tyler offers to rebuild her house, determined to make a real home for himself, too.
But it’s a rocky road to romance with her wolf pack in opposition to the match and Tyler’s enemies spreading rumors that he’s the one responsible for the recent rash of fires.
When the arsonist strikes again, Tyler must find and stop him before he kills Mary and burns down the entire town.

Praise for Smoke

Here’s what reviewers are saying about Smoke:

“Wonderful addition to the Bearpaw Ridge Firefighters series. Great characters and action. The mystery threaded through the story really adds to the tension. I am very pleased that Mary got her happily ever after. Tyler is the perfect match for her. I would recommend this story to any adult reader who enjoys sexy shifter stories.”

“This series is awesomely Hott!! If you haven’t already read any of this series then you are definitely missing out on some great reading and and an amazing author!! Sexton mixes reality with imagination and the rest is history. Can’t get enough of this series!! Hope she does another one soon.”

“Love this series! Incredibly well written, great characters, lots of action and steamy romance! I highly recommend checking it out!!”

“Love the action in this story, the characters are fantastic there is drama, mystery, intrigue, suspense, twist and turns in the story. I didn’t want to put it down and so didn’t want the story to be over! It was Really a fun read. Don’t miss it shifter fans”

Let us entice you with a short preview of Smoke!

“Do you have any idea how hard it is to keep my fucking hands off you?” Tyler asked, his voice dropping into a sexy growl. Startled, Mary looked up and met his intense gaze. His hazel eyes were misted with shifter gold, and they burned through her. And then his arms came around her, pulling her close. Her breasts were flattened against his broad chest, and his breath was warm against her mouth as he bent his face to hers. She was surrounded by his scent, pressed against him from hips to chest, and it felt wonderfully, gloriously right. “I was going to wait to make a move, but I’ve been wanting to kiss you since I saw you in your pajamas,” he said, and his expression turned from frustrated to predatory. Relief washed through her, borne on a tide of eagerness. I wasn’t wrong! He does want me! “Oh, good,” Mary managed, before she surrendered to temptation. She was tall for a woman, but Tyler, like the rest of the Swanson males, was even taller. She raised herself up on tiptoes to brush her lips against his. When their lips made contact, it felt like being struck by lightning. A bolt of white-hot sensation shot through her, racing down through her chest to her toes and kindling a warm, pulsing ball of need between her legs.

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