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Dragon Warrior cover art

The Dragon Warrior

Almost a Dragon, Book 2


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The exciting sequel to The Dragon Thief!

I’m Isobel Drake, rejected by dragons but adopted by humans.

Until last week, I was comfortably passing for human. Then the half-dragon warrior Tam showed up on my doorstep. He demanded my help in recovering a stolen dragon egg and yanked me out of my ordinary life. After surviving that trial together, the brash warrior has switched his allegiance to a new dragon queen… me. He’s appointed himself my bodyguard and the newly-hatched baby dragon’s caretaker.

But he doesn’t know my deepest secret. I may be half-dragon like him, but I can’t shapeshift. I’m trapped in my human form, unable to fly or do any other cool dragon things.

My shortcomings have forced me to submit to an ambitious, dangerously attractive vampire lord who wants total control over my city’s supply of dragon’s blood… the same blood that runs through my veins. All the supernaturals crave it. It’s magically potent, allowing vampires to walk in daylight and mages to boost their powers.

If that wasn’t enough trouble, I’m racing to save my kidnapped dad before it’s too late. When the baby goes missing, too, Tam, my vampire boss, and I set out on a dangerous rescue operation. We’re outnumbered, outgunned, and our foe will do anything for dragon’s blood.

To win this fight, I’ll have to figure out how to summon my inner dragon before time runs out. Or all of us will pay the ultimate price.

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“I’m going to find my dad, and I’m going to make whoever took him pay for this,” I growled. Tam nodded. “We’ll make them pay,” he corrected me. I don’t know why that made me feel a little better. But it did. A new smell joined Tam’s scent, completely obliterating the last trace of the older scents lingering in the bedroom: expensive cologne underlaid with faint hints of spoiled meat and the sulfurous reek of the magic that animated vampires and gave them near-immortality. An instant later, Stephen Vashli appeared in the upstairs hallway behind Tam’s lean, muscular form. “Isobel, what happened here?” my new boss asked, his deep, velvety voice flavored with an aristocratic English accent. “Someone took Fynn,” I said simply. “Do you know who’s responsible?” he asked. I shook my head. “But I’m going to find out. And then I—well, Tam and I—are going to hunt them down and get him back.” Tam nodded. “Yup.” I saw Vashli’s eyes gleaming in the faint light filtering through the blinds as he took in the state of the bedroom. “I smell blood,” he said, picking up on the same thing that I had.

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