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Dragon Warrior "Coming Soon" Cover Art

The Dragon Warrior

Almost a Dragon, Book 2


The exciting sequel to The Dragon Thief, coming October 2021!

My father is missing. I need to find him before time runs out…

I’m Isobel Drake, half human, half dragon.

To save an innocent dragon hatchling, I was forced to swear allegiance to an ambitious, ruthless, dangerously sexy vampire clan leader. Now I belong to him, and he’s got plans for how to use my unique abilities to his advantage. Even worse, I’m caught in the power struggle between my new boss and my city’s vampire queen, because I owe both of them.

And then there’s Tam, the gorgeous, infuriating dragon warrior who’s relying on me to hide him and the hatchling from the authorities determined to hunt them down.

But most importantly, I need to save my adoptive dad before it’s too late. Who took him? And what do they know about me?

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