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The Dragon Queen cover art

The Dragon Queen

Almost a Dragon, Book 3


The thrilling conclusion to the “Almost a Dragon” trilogy!

My name is Isobel Drake. And my life masquerading as human is about to blow up, big-time.

I have a secret: I’m a half-human, half-dragon hybrid queen living in plain sight in the human city of Yerba Buena. There are others like me, pretending to be fully human, in a world where dragons are exiled to reservations and face the death penalty if caught in a human settlement.

What my ambitious, sexy boss, who also happens to be the new vampire king of the city, Stephen Vashli wants, he gets. And what he wants is a steady supply of my blood–magically-potent dragon’s blood that allows him to walk in daylight. Oh, and he’s also running for mayor, against an anti-dragon, anti-vampire Humans First candidate.

Things heat up when the recently-deposed vampire queen returns to town, determined to regain her lost power. I owe her a big favor, and she’s decided to collect. Of course, that favor puts me in direct opposition to Vashli.

Meanwhile, I’m being pursued by two attractive men–Claudio, my sweet and handsome human suitor, and Tam, my gorgeous but infuriating self-appointed hybrid bodyguard. Claudio represents everything I want in a boyfriend…but he doesn’t know that I’m not quite human. Tam has brought danger and chaos to my once-stable life, but he accepts me for who I am. I don’t have any secrets from him.

And if that wasn’t enough trouble, someone leaks footage of me shapeshifting into a dragon just as the full-blooded dragons revolt against the system that’s imprisoned them for decades. We dragon hybrids were created to serve as covert operatives in a new dragon war against humans, then mercilessly exploited as blood slaves by vampires. Now our time has come to serve our creators’ purposes.

As the revolution explodes, I and the other hybrids living in the city will have to choose between the dragons who created us and the humans who have accepted us as one of their own.

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