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Almost a Dragon

The Complete Series


Together in one collection – all three books in the “Almost a Dragon” trilogy, plus the prequel novella!

My name is Isobel Drake. I thought I was the only one of my kind, a freak pretending to be human. But when a misfit dragon warrior storms into my life to demand my help, I realize that I’m not alone. And that I can’t outrun my past forever.

Like me, Tam appears human. Like me, he’s hiding his true nature. But where I got lucky, rescued by a human who adopted me and raised me as his daughter, he’s a mess from his years as a vampire blood slave. He needs me because I fit in and I know my city inside and out. He wants me to help him recover a stolen dragon egg.

There are others determined to get their hands on the egg: ruthless vampires and ambitious mages who lust after all that the blood of a captive dragon can give them. The power to heal. The ability to walk in daylight. Boosted magical powers. The fate of a helpless hatchling lies in my hands. I can’t turn my back on her.

My safe, comfortable existence as an ordinary human is about to blow up, forcing me to confront my special gifts and hidden strengths. I don’t know whether to thank Tam for that… or kill him.

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