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The Dragon Thief

Almost a Dragon, Book 1


I have a dangerous secret. I’m more than a human, but less than a dragon.

My name is Isobel Drake. I’ve spent my life pretending to be fully human. I always thought I was the only freak who was almost a dragon. But when a dragon warrior shows up one day, demanding my help, I realize that I’m not alone.

Like me, Tam appears human. Or mostly human. And like me, he’s hiding his true nature.

Tam needs me because of my unique set of skills. I can find anything, or anyone. For a price.

The fierce warrior offers no payment. He asks the impossible, to travel with him to recover a stolen dragon egg. At first, I want to refuse. But as I learn more about Tam’s quest, I find I can’t turn away. The odds are grim. There are evil vampires who lust after all that a captive dragon hatchling can give them. The power to heal. The ability to walk in daylight. They’ll resort to savage methods to harvest the egg’s mystical power.

The fate of a helpless hatchling lies in my hands. I can’t turn my back on a vulnerable dragon child. Tam and I set off to save the egg before it hatches. Now, whether my mission succeeds or fails, I can never again hide in the shadows.

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