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The Dragon Thief

Almost a Dragon, Book 1


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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Terrific new fantasy series …I loved this book.” – Booksprout reviewer

I have a dangerous secret. I’m more than a human, but less than a dragon.

My name is Isobel Drake. I thought I was the only one of my kind, a freak pretending to be human. But when a dragon warrior unexpectedly appears to demand my help, I realize for the first time in my life that I’m not alone.

Like me, Tam appears human. Like me, he’s hiding his true nature. Too bad he’s made it clear that I’m a lesser creature. Yet he needs me because of my unique skills.

I was raised as human. I know my city inside and out. My brand-new business advertises that I can find anything, or anyone. He wants me to help him recover a stolen dragon egg. At first, I turn him down. Not only is he trouble, but he can’t even pay me! Then the arrogant jerk tries to blackmail me. Nice try, but no.

But then, I find out more about Tam’s quest, and I can’t turn him away.

There are others determined to find the egg: evil vampires and sinister mages who lust after all that a captive dragon can give them. The power to heal. The ability to walk in daylight. Boosted magical powers. They’ll resort to savage methods to keep what they’ve stolen. The fate of a helpless hatchling lies in my hands. I can’t turn my back on a vulnerable dragon child.

To save her, I’ll have to work closely with Tam. I just hope I don’t kill him first.

The Dragon Thief is the first novel in an thrilling new urban fantasy series set in a world where humans and dragons have been at war for thousands of years.

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I wiped the blood away from my split lip and headed back up the ramp to rejoin Fynn and Claudio. “Bloody hell, this was supposed to be an easy job,” complained a smooth voice. I looked up the ramp. While I’d been taking care of Blondie and Bag Dude, Fynn had won his bout against Buzz Cut. Cradling his bleeding arm against his chest, the big man sat next to Claudio’s prisoner, their backs against the body of a low-slung sports car. Claudio kept steady aim on both of them with his gun. But the robbery attempt—or whatever it was—wasn’t over yet. The newcomer was an angelic-looking young man with shoulder-length curly brown hair, blue eyes, and pale, flawless skin. He had the pure, masculine beauty of an angel in a Renaissance painting. And he stank. It was an unforgettable combination of meat on the verge of rotting overlaid with the sulfurous reek of the magic that animated him and gave him near-immortality. Crap. Vampire.

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