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Jump Point

Rocky Mountain Smokejumpers, Book 2


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“WARNING: Do not start this book if you have to do something tomorrow. You will not be able to stop until you are finished!” – Booksprout reviewer

Bear shifter Mike Nakano is in love with his friend and teammate, coyote shifter Kara LaTrans, but he doesn’t want to risk their friendship by confessing his feelings for her. All that changes when the two of them join up for a grueling and dangerous trek across the untamed Alaskan wilderness. As they face hardship and perils together, Mike’s bear is driven to protect and claim the woman it’s chosen as their mate. But will falling in love blow up their friendship?

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Kara hit the water with a loud splash, her arms and legs flailing. She began laughing uncontrollably, then accidentally inhaled a mouthful of water. Coughing and spluttering, she fought to keep her head above the surface.

Strong arms caught her an instant later and towed her to the rocks at the edge of the pool.

"Hey, you okay?" Mike said, his hand rising to push the heavy, dripping curtain of hair out of her face. "I didn't mean—"

Kara reached up to cover his hand with her own, keeping his warm palm cupped against her cheek. "That was fun. And I'm fine."

The sheen of shifter gold swept across his dark eyes as his bear rose inside him.

"Good," he growled, and pulled her against him.

An instant later, his mouth descended on hers, hot and wet and hungry.

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