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Fugitive by Bliss Devlin and Ophelia Sexton


(Beast Warriors, Book 1)

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A woman on the run…
Shannon Joyce is a gifted psychic healer with a dangerous secret. When she’s kidnapped by shifter mercenaries working for Whitepine Security Services, she knows escape is her only option. Her frantic flight brings her to Elysia, a peaceful town nestled in the Rocky Mountains…but her wolf shifter pursuers aren’t far behind.
A warrior turned rancher…
Rafe Magnusson is a bear shifter who knows all about Whitepine Security Services. Years ago, they recruited him and other bear shifters as Beast Warriors, elite shock troops hired out to anyone willing to pay WSS’s price. Shannon’s arrival in Elysia threatens to expose the bear shifters who escaped the sinister organization, but Rafe can’t turn away a lovely lady in need of help…especially when the curvy fugitive is his fated mate.
A desperate battle
Pursued by wolf shifters loyal to WSS, Shannon and Rafe must battle underhanded tactics, merciless enemies, and their own need to protect each other. Can they find a way their happily-ever-after, or will the darkness separate them forever?

Praise for Fugitive

Here’s what reviewers are saying about Fugitive:

“I loved this book. Magic, bear shifters and true love; who could ask for anything more than that in the beauty of Montana!”

“Best darn book I’ve read in forever.didn’t want to put it down to go to sleep 3:30am and just now finished.thank u for a great read.”

” Fugitive is FANTASTIC!!!!!! I know you will love it. I look forward to reading more from Ms. Devlin. This book is a keeper.”

“Rafe and Shannon are a solid gold pairing! I especially like that Shannon is capable and decisive. A true love that’s willing to sacrifice, an evil organization, multiple run-ins with the villains, and so many potential future storylines help make this a winner!”

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