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Bearpaw Ridge Firefighters Book 13


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Cade Hunter is everything Maggie Swanson’s never wanted: a rough-around-the-edges beer-drinking, growly bad boy with a hair-trigger temper. And shoulders a mile wide. And a sweet, tender center that he shows only to her.

His kisses are hot as cookies fresh out of the oven, and as sweet and spicy as gingerbread. Why, oh why does he have to be such a hunk of drool-worthy cowboy?

Cade is utterly and completely wrong for her… or is he? Can she risk making a bad choice, possibly destroying her heart for good?

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Cade emerged from the Hair of the Dog in time to hear the woman snap, “Let go of me!” I knew that SOB was gonna try something! He honed in on the pair of figures standing a few yards away. In the bright silver moonlight, Cade saw that Stuffed Shirt had hold of the brunette’s arm. She was trying and failing to twist out of his grip. A cold gust of wind brought him their scents. With a pop of surprise, he realized that they were both bear shifters, like him. Well, I’ll be damned. Shifters were rare. He’d met maybe a handful since he’d been thrust out into the world to survive on his own. Tonight, he’d sensed more shifters in the space of an hour than he’d met in the past twenty years. “Andrew!” The woman’s tone held no trace of the fear that infused her sweet scent. “I’m not going to ask you again.” Stuffed Shirt’s—no, Andrew’s grin flashed, white and menacing. “Or what?” he asked mockingly. That asshole is getting off on scaring her! At that realization, Cade’s bear rose and took control. Using his full speed, Cade sprinted across the distance separating him from the struggling couple. “Or you’re gonna find yourself chewin’ on your own teeth,” he snarled. He grabbed Andrew’s wrist with both hands, and twisted. “When a lady tells you to let her go, you fucking let go!

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