SEAR audiobook now available!

The latest book in the popular Bearpaw Ridge Firefighters series is now available as an audiobook!

Cougar shifter and single dad Lucas suffered a broken heart once before. He’s certain fated mates don’t exist. Not for him…
Nowadays, he lives for his two young daughters. They own his heart along with what’s left of his ragged soul. The rest of the time, he works as an undercover game warden, hunting down wildlife poachers.

As far as romance goes, Lucas knows love isn’t in the cards. Fated mates? Hell, he doesn’t even believe in happily ever after. He fears he’ll always be a lone shifter.

But everything changes the night when Lucas goes undercover as a dirtbag poacher and meets Malia, a feisty, blue-eyed wolf shifter. Malia. His fated mate. Lush, beautiful, and aggravatingly stubborn. Her scent sparks his beast’s desire, igniting a ferocious hunger. Despite commitments to work and duty, he’s powerless against this primal need for his mate.

The bad news? Malia is the sheriff’s daughter. Worse, she’s just twenty-one. Way too young.

But his cougar has roared to life and it won’t be denied. Lucas is coming for his woman. His fated mate. His destiny.