Chapter 2 – Firestorm (WIP excerpt from Inferno, Bearpaw Ridge Firefighters Book 10)

Inferno cover art

She pulled her radio out of her chest harness. “Mayday! It’s Kayla. I’m here with the firefighter who warned us. We’re cut off from the exit route, and heading for a meadow downhill from our last position.” “Kayla? Oh, thank God!” A man’s voice crackled out of the radio. “We tried to go back for […]

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Excerpt from Chapter One of Inferno (Bearpaw Ridge Firefighters Book 10)

The firefighters waded into the pond, heading for the waist-deep water at its center. One by one, they removed and shook out their fire shelters, which flapped and billowed in the wind. Each man pulled his shelter over his head and down his body like a big upside-down sleeping bag. The second-to-last to pass Pete […]

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Now available! New Bearpaw Ridge Firefighters box set

Philtata Press is thrilled to announce the second Bearpaw Ridge Firefighters Boxed Set, now available on Amazon! Read it for free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription!Bearpaw Ridge Firefighters Box Set #2: Fated Mates This boxed set contains three full-length Bearpaw Ridge Firefighters novels, plus three never-before-published short stories. For a limited time, download a free […]

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Ember is now available on Amazon!

Philtata Press is thrilled to announce the release of the latest volume in Ophelia Sexton’s popular Bearpaw Ridge Firefighters series! Ember (Bearpaw Ridge Firefighters Book 9)  Bear shifter Margaret Einarsson Swanson never thought that love would find her again after her mate Ryan was killed. The curvy widow has spent years raising her children and […]

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Guarding the Countess is now available!

Philtata Press is thrilled to announce the publication of Guarding the Countess,  Lily Reynard’s latest book. It’s a thrilling historical romance set at the decadent court of Charles II in 17th century England. To love him would be a scandal. To lose him would be heartbreaking.  She’s a widowed countess in need of protection. He’s […]

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Download free Philtata Press books!

Fantasy author Bliss Devlin is currently offering Won by the Three Satyrs, the prequel to her exciting and highly erotic Children of Lilith series, as a free download. This sizzling paranormal series covers all the bases from an ancient world of myth and magic through chivalrous knights and thrilling adventure in the high Middle Ages, […]

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