cover art for Dragon's Blood

New urban fantasy release!

Marissa Brandt just released Dragon’s Blood, the exciting prequel to her new Almost a Dragon urban fantasy series.

This thrilling novella is available on Amazon for just $0.99, or you can get it for free by signing up for her author newsletter.

Vampires crave dragon’s blood. I’m the only guy who can deliver the goods.

My name is Fynn Drake.

When vampires attacked my city, they killed hundreds, including my wife and precious daughter. But the vampires spared me. Why me and not the others? Because they deem my dragon expertise useful.

I’m their slave. Their henchman. Their broker. Dragon’s blood heals vampires from lethal injuries and even allows them to walk in daylight. It makes these monsters almost invincible.

The vampires are ruthless. So are the dragons. Rather than trading the usual vials of their blood, this time the dragons offer me a living, terrified fledgling. Ishtar is a mutant slated for culling, fated to be murdered by her own kind. Instead, she’s bartered off to be drained dry by the vampires.

But the notion of handing a helpless child— any child— over to bloodsuckers is too much to bear. Because I know that the vampires will devour this innocent young dragon down to the last drop of her prized blood.

I will do for Ishtar what I could not do for my own daughter.
I will save her… or I will die trying.

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