Tamed by the Incubus

(The Children of Lilith, Book 8)


Nicole just wants a normal, happy life. But once you’ve been held captive by an incubus and turned into a werewolf against your will, “normal” takes on a new meaning.

Then Nicole meets Gabriel, the founder of a high-tech company. Rich, sexy, and attracted to her, he’s everything she’s ever dreamed of…and her inner wolf wants him for a mate. Now.

But Nicole and her hairy once-a-month problem may both change their minds when they discover that Gabriel is also an incubus, a creature Nicole understandably loathes and fears. And that’s not the worst of it.

What one incubus has already claimed, another courts at his own peril.

Her former captor isn’t going to give up his claim, Gabriel isn’t going to give up on true love, and Nicole isn’t going to give up being snarky, because that may be the only way she can stay sane.

It’s a game of chicken with two Children of Lilith and a werewolf. True love may be the prize, but misery could be the cost…if any of them survive.

Praise for Tamed by the Incubus

Here’s what reviewers are saying about Tamed by the Incubus:

“I question who exactly gets tamed…I really liked these characters, Nicole is so strong to have no working knowledge of being a shifter or dealing with a Child of Lilith. Gabriel may start off as all business, but underneath he’s a pussy cat. The story has plenty of action and a cool supporting cast.”

” …I just finished it, and I can say it’s as amazing as the magic-filled stories set in the past. I was hesitant to try it because of the modern-day setting, which I thought wouldn’t be as good, but now the magical Children of Lilith are joined by something equally cool: shapeshifters! I loved the story so much that I’ll go right now to buy Her Incubus Master. I can’t get enough of these stories.”

“The stories in this series just keep getting better. Can’t wait for the next one. You can’t help but fall in love with the characters. The author brings back familiar names into each story so it feels like you are learning about the whole family and watching each one fall in love.

“Wow! This book is absolutely terrific! I stayed up late reading it. Nicole has been through so much but she is drawn to Gabriel. Her wolf tells her that he is safe but it is hard to trust. He has so many secrets of his own but he tries to help Nicole. They finally work it out then trouble really starts. This is a great story and I definitely recommend it. There are so many aspects to this story it will appeal to most all readers. It is a wonderful romance that is also extremely sexy and sensual. It has terrific erotic scenes.”


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