Saved by the Incubus

(The Children of Lilith, Book 3)


An inventive and erotic retelling of the Cupid and Psyche myth!

The third volume of the paranormal romance series that readers have called “addicting,” and “sizzling.”

The incubus Lord Amor defied the law of the Children of Lilith by taking the mortal Psyche as his wife. But their secret union was betrayed when Psyche became pregnant. She was arrested and banished to the dreaded prison island of the Labyrinth to nourish the incubi and succubae exiled there.

Though her heart remains true to her husband, she finds herself helplessly craving the sensual delights that these demon lovers offer her, finding pleasure beyond her darkest imaginings in submitting to their feeding.

Enraged by his wife’s fate, Amor rebels against the Children of Lilith, and embarks on a dangerous voyage to rescue his beloved Psyche. Pursued by ruthless supernatural hunters and forced to fight to protect his companions, Amor arrives at the Labyrinth critically injured. To save him, Psyche must surrender completely to her husband’s ravenous incubus hunger–a sacrifice that may cost her life!

Praise for Saved by the Incubus

Here’s what reviewers are saying about Saved by the Incubus:

“Amazing sequel to the first book in the series. I LOVED the book and can’t wait for the third one… “

“Excellent Read. The characters become addicting. Read the whole series and want more!”

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