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Her Incubus Master

The Children of Lilith, Book 6


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An incubus is always in control.
Andras makes the rules. He sets the limits. And he never reveals his secret to his human submissives. Or falls in love with them.
Until he meets Katie…
Keep a glass of ice water handy, because Her Incubus Master is a scorching paranormal romance with BDSM and menage love scenes that are hotter than hell!

Praise for Her Incubus Master

Here’s what reviewers are saying about Her Incubus Master:

Awesome! Super steamy romance, I really liked the characters and the story line. This author is the perfect mix of smut and romance.”

“Wow. Just wow. Not for those that want romance-only love stories, but if you like your stories hot with romance overlapping everything, this is a book for you. Katie and Andras are a wonderful couple, in and out of the bedroom (or restaurant, or wherever), and the supporting characters are drawn well enough that you hope to see more of them in later books for their own stories. The action is hot – m/f, f/f, f/m/f, plus a touch of multi – but it all fits the story.”

“Hot as Hell, which is only appropriate, as her lover is a demon. But what is unusual in this kind of book is that it is also extremely well written — characterization, style, and plot are all first rate. I am going to buy Devlin’s other supernatural romance right now. Can’t wait to read more about the Children of Lilith!”

“The story is so well written that you are drawn to what the characters are feeling. It is steamy hot and yet so full of romance and feeling. Definitely a great read!

“OMG! I really loved this book. It’s a sizzling combination of hot sex and super sweet romance…Great story, well written, with fabulous protagonists. I loved it and highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys erotic novels, and who don’t mind a bit of the paranormal. FYI this book contains m/f, f/f, m/f/f situations. Happy reading!”


Let us entice you with a short preview of Her Incubus Master!

Andras looked at her intently. "I would like you to consider submitting to me."

Katie felt a wave of powerful lust sweep through her at the idea of letting this gorgeous man do whatever he wanted to her. She had never felt anything like this before.

Yes! Yes, oh yes! Don't let this one get away!

She took a deep breath. Don't act like you're desperate, Katie. "I don't know," she said, trying to sound cool, sophisticated. "I mean, I'm tempted, but I'm wondering if I'd really enjoy being whipped and humiliated. I've never been into pain."

"Is that what you think of power exchange scenarios? That they're about pain and humiliation?" He shook his head. "I assure you that I don't intend anything of the sort, Katie."

"I didn't mean to—" she began, but he wasn't finished speaking.

"If you agree, and if you like what I can do for you…then later on, if you're interested in pushing your boundaries, we can explore a little bit. But for now, I would simply like you to relinquish control in our relationship. You're a beautiful woman, and I'm eager to see if I can make you respond—if you'll let me."

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