(Bearpaw Ridge Firefighters, Book 9)


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Bear shifter Margaret Einarsson Swanson, younger sister of clan matriarch Elle Swanson, never thought that love would find her again after her mate Ryan was killed in action during his deployment to Iraq. The lonely widow has spent years raising her children and running the Grizzly Creek Ranch’s bed-and-breakfast operation as Elle’s second-in-command.

Then professional chef Daniel Langlais shows up at the Grizzly Creek Ranch. He’s wounded, on the run with his young nephew, and big trouble is hot on his heels. Margaret knows that falling for this sexy, irresistible sabertooth shifter will make all hell break loose within the Swanson clan.

But even knowing all that, her bear can’t resist his scent, the mouthwatering meals he dishes up for her, or his smooth Louisiana drawl.

Sometimes, grabbing second chances mean taking big risks. Is Margaret willing to defy her clan for a second chance at love with a mate who seems so wrong but feels so right?

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