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My name is Isobel Drake. And my life masquerading as human is about to blow up, big-time.

I have a secret: I’m a half-human, half-dragon hybrid living in plain sight in the humans-only city of Yerba Buena. There are others like me, pretending to be fully human, in a world where dragons are exiled to reservations and face the death penalty if caught in a human settlement.

On the eve of a dragon invasion, someone leaks footage of me shapeshifting into a dragon. We dragon hybrids were created to serve as covert operatives in a new dragon war against humans, then mercilessly exploited as blood slaves by vampires. Now our time has come to serve our creators’ purposes.

I and the other dragon hybrids living in the city must now choose a side: fight for the dragons who created us or the humans who have accepted us as one of their own. To protect the people I love, I must become a new kind of dragon queen.