Hey everyone! I’m so glad you’re enjoying these sneak peeks into my next Snowberry Springs Ranch book! This book is a hoot to write! And now, without further ado, we continue with Daisy the goat’s adventures on Main Street during the Vintage Railroad Days festival.

“Cut it out, Gabe,” Matt ordered. “We need to do something about that damn goat before things escalate any further.”

Gabe straightened up, still spluttering. “I guess you’re right,” he gasped. “Whaddya say I go around and cut her off at the end of the street? Then you herd her my way.”

It was a good plan. Matt nodded, and his brother took off, his long legs flashing in their khaki uniform pants. Gabe had been on the high school track and field team, and he’d stayed in shape.

Matt broke into a jog and headed towards the scene of the crime. Who knew Snowberry Springs’ Most Wanted would be four-legged and fond of festival food?

At least chasing an unruly goat down Main Street was better than staring at Autumn like a stalker and dealing with Gabe’s knowing smirks.

“Daisy! Stop, you little troublemaker,” he called out as he drew close to a shaved ice stand under siege.

“Baa!” He could swear the goat’s pale blue eyes shone with amusement as she glanced at him. She kicked up her heels and took off again, dodging around a coffee stand and making a beeline for the candy booth.

Matt sprinted through the crowd, trying to keep Daisy in sight. Knots of clueless or utterly oblivious festival-goers blocked his way.

Matt was so focused on the chase that he didn’t notice Autumn until she appeared at his side. She held her phone high as she filmed the chase.

His heart squeezed. He stumbled and staggered a couple of steps before regaining his rhythm.

“Sure this isn’t an episode of Cops?” she asked, giggling. Then she sang, “Bad goats, bad goats, whatcha gonna do?”

Just like that, the years since their break-up dropped away. And Matt forgot about his long-standing vow to ignore his ex-girlfriend.

Panting, he shot back, “Yeah, I always thought I’d be chasing bad guys, not bad goats! Though she might be a better burglar than some of the two-legged ones I’ve chased!”

Autumn, easily keeping pace with him, turned her phone to herself. “Daisy the Goat is giving Snowberry Springs a run for its money. And so is our local police department!”

Sunlight flashed off the screen and dazzled him as she turned the camera towards him.

“She may be fast, but I’ve got the badge!” he declared, playing along. He added, “Though it doesn’t seem to impress her much.” 

Autumn grinned at him. Matt fought to keep his gaze on her face, and not the tempting jiggle south of her neckline as she jogged. “Let’s hope Daisy doesn’t have any accomplices back at the petting zoo waiting for their turn to raid the festival!”

“Thanks for fueling my nightmares!” Matt scowled, though inwardly his pulse quickened at her nearness. “Now, are you gonna help me catch this little delinquent, or are you just here to just document my epic fail?”

Autumn’s laughter rang out. “Either way, it’s going viral!”

To be continued….