Sophie's christmas dad cover art

New Bearpaw Ridge Firefighters Christmas Story!

Just released! Sophie’s Christmas Dad, a holiday novella (and prequel to Spark).

This could be the worst Christmas ever in Bearpaw Ridge…or the best.

After a devastating fire nearly destroys bear shifter Elle Swanson’s home, she’s facing the prospect that the big family Christmas dinner isn’t going to happen this year. As the Swanson clan matriarch, she’s always taken care of everyone. Now, she’s struggling to accept her mate Justin’s and her family’s offers to help resolve the crisis. Can she unbend enough to allow Justin and the rest of her family to take care of her when she needs it most?

Meanwhile, Sophie Markidis, an ordinary human girl living on the Swanson family ranch, is looking forward to the best Christmas ever. She’s found the perfect dress for her high school’s Winter Wonderland dance, and she thinks she might have found the perfect date, too—her best friend and secret crush, Matt Swanson. Things only get better when her long-lost biological father gets in contact with her, just in time for the holidays.
But will her dreams be dashed when her wonderful Christmas dad lets her down right when she needs him most?

Return to Bearpaw Ridge for this heartwarming novella about a very special small-town holiday season!