Sear Cover art

New Bearpaw Ridge book coming soon!

Coming in early May – SEAR (Bearpaw Ridge Firefighters, Book 14)!

Cougar shifter and single dad Lucas Concolor lives for his job and his young daughters. By day, he’s an undercover game warden, hunting down wildlife poachers. After work, his pair of sweet little girls think Daddy’s a superhero.

As far as romance goes, Lucas knows love isn’t in the cards. Fated mates? He’s never gotten anywhere near a so-called fated mate. Hell, he doesn’t even believe in happily ever after. Not after a painful divorce. Lucas is destined to be a lone shifter. And he doesn’t mind, not much anyway. Because fated mates are just a shifter fairy tale, right?

Everything changes the night Lucas meets Malia, a feisty blue-eyed wolf shifter girl. The sweet little female sparks his beast’s desire. He can’t stop thinking about her ripe lips. Her curvy little body. Lucas needs Malia in his bed. And in his life.

The bad news?

She’s the sheriff’s daughter, and he’s currently undercover as a dirtbag poacher in a high-stakes investigation. He can’t come clean…not without blowing his cover. Even worse, Malia’s just twenty-one. Way too young for him.

But his cougar has roared to life, determined to claim sweet, innocent Malia as their fated mate. Now he’s torn between honor, duty and his beast’s primal needs.