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FREE Feb. 7 – 11: Her Incubus Knight by Bliss Devlin!

Great news! After an extended break from fiction writing to deal with a very busy Day Job, Bliss Devlin is starting work on a brand-new dark paranormal series. It’s set to premiere later this year. More details as they become available!

In the meantime, she’s giving away a personal favorite, her take on “Beauty and the Beast” as an incubus + shapeshifter romance! Starting on Tuesday, February 7, you can download Her Incubus Knight for free!

Beautiful beasts and beastly beauties
The illegitimate daughter of an impoverished knight, Marie de Brisoux has no better prospects than a tedious life as a servant. Her existence is transformed–in more ways than one–when the group she’s traveling with is slaughtered by a monster. Marie survives, but soon begins to change in terrifying and inexplicable ways.

Gilles de Amestra longs to be a knight. Instead, as an incubus who’s unable to hide his darker aspect from the world, he’s forced to live in isolation. When he finds Marie wounded and the sole survivor of a brutal ambush, he can’t resist her need for rescue–or her beauty.

Gilles offers the innocent Marie a deal. He’ll teach her about the leopard shifter she’s become, and how to control her beast. In return, she must submit to his every desire, satisfying the hunger of his incubus nature.

Soon, their partnership has deepened into much more. But an ancient, powerful evil lies in wait, determined to prevent their happiness. Can Gilles and Marie overcome the forces arrayed against them, or will their wedding day be their last?

This steamy full-length paranormal romance novel features shifters, seduction, swordplay, and sorcery. It’s intended for mature readers and contains graphic violence, explicit love scenes, M/F, brief F/F, and M/F/M elements.