Rob's Holiday Honey audiobook cover art

Coming Soon! New Bearpaw Ridge Holiday Novella

Here’s a sneak peek at what I’m currently working on. (Trying to write about being stranded in a blizzard when it’s currently 111F where I live is a barrel of laughs.) 

Bear shifter and volunteer firefighter Rob Jacobsen-Swanson has been away from home for weeks, touring with his band all over the West Coast. All he wants now is to make it home to Bearpaw Ridge in time to celebrate Christmas with his big, close-knit family. But fate has other plans.

After he gets in a car accident in the middle of a raging blizzard, he finds himself stranded in a snowed-in cabin with a runaway bride who hates him on first sight. Sure, she’s curvy and pretty and would make the perfect armful on a cold winter night.

Unfortunately, her personality is as prickly as her body is cuddly. And then there’s the whole thing about her leaving her fiancé at the altar to flee into the wintry wilderness…

So, of course his bear decides she’s his fated mate. Can he be any more screwed?
Now Rob’s sure that this is going to be the worst Christmas ever. It’s certainly not going to be the best… right?