Sprühendes Verlangen

Das Bearpaw Springs Resort wird von einem rachsüchtigen Geist heimgesucht… so will es zumindest die örtliche Legende. Als eine Reihe von übernatürlichen Ereignissen das Personal und die Gäste des Hotels in Angst und Schrecken versetzen und einen von Sophie Markidis’ Formwandler-Freunden verletzen, sieht sich die schüchterne, kurvige Praktikantin bei Mythtrust News gezwungen, Nachforschungen anzustellen. Dabei […]

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Bearpaw Ridge Firefighters Boxed Set #4: The Next Generation

Bearpaw Ridge Firefighters Boxed Set #4 cover art in 3d

Return to Bearpaw Ridge with this heartwarming shifter romance collection! As the years go by, the next generation of small town shifters prepare to meet and fight for their fated mates. This collection contains over 800 pages of steamy romance, thrilling adventure, and small-town warmth. Included are: Combust (Bearpaw Ridge Firefighters Book 13) Sear (Bearpaw […]

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A Kiss of Sea and Salt

Coming soon!  I’m alone, far from home, and surrounded by dangerous enemies. My name is Jacinthe. I’m the orphaned daughter of a powerful witch healer, but I was born without any magic of my own. I want revenge on the evil stepfather who sold me into slavery. But first, I have to survive toiling in […]

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Holly and Ice

Holly and Ice cover art

After being rescued in the middle of a blizzard by sexy and grumpy shapeshifter loner Isaac “Ice” Peters, injured wildlife biologist Holly finds herself trapped in his cabin until the storm ends. He realizes she’s his fated mate, but how can he tell her about the secret existence of shifters? When she discovers trail cam […]

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Dragon’s Blood

Vampires crave dragon’s blood. I’m the only guy who can deliver the goods. My name is Fynn Drake. I used to be the leading expert on dragon language and behavior. That was before vampires attacked my city. They killed hundreds, including my wife and precious daughter. But the vampires spared me. Why me and not […]

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Protective Cowboy

Coming Soon!  Coming home is a brand-new start for Autumn Snowberry. When her troubled marriage ends, Autumn and her young son move back to Snowberry Springs for a fresh start and a new job. Until her emotionally abusive ex-husband follows and tries to sabotage her burgeoning career. After he threatens their son, she calls local […]

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Sophies Weihnachtsvater

Es könnte das schlimmste Weihnachten aller Zeiten in Bearpaw Ridge werden… oder das beste. Nachdem ein verheerendes Feuer das Haus von Bärenwandlerin Elle Swanson fast zerstört hat, muss sie davon ausgehen, dass das große Familienweihnachtsessen in diesem Jahr ausfällt. Als Matriarchin des Swanson-Clans war sie es gewohnt, stets selbständig zu sein und sich immer um […]

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The Dragon Thief

Dragon Thief cover art

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Terrific new fantasy series …I loved this book.” – Booksprout reviewer I have a dangerous secret. I’m more than a human, but less than a dragon. My name is Isobel Drake. I thought I was the only one of my kind, a freak pretending to be human. But when a dragon warrior unexpectedly appears […]

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