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Scorch – Coming March 27th!

When a plane falls from the sky and crashes on Ethan Jacobsen’s ranch, the NTSB investigator who arrives is a lovely, confident wolf shifter. Tamara is smart and sassy, with curves that Ethan longs to explore. She’s a fascinating mix of contradictions. On the outside, she’s gutsy and in control. But on the inside, she’s vulnerable. Fragile. And hiding secrets that are tearing her apart.

Right from the start, sparks fly between them, even though she keeps him at arm’s length.

Ethan’s intrigued by her brains and beauty, and his wolf recognizes her as their fated mate. His usual easy-going demeanor gives way to fierce, primal need. Vowing to win her, he joins the crash investigation, determined to court and claim her.

Despite her best intentions, Tamara finds it impossible to resist the attraction that burns between them. And when she uncovers the cause of the deadly crash, the truth puts her in terrible danger from her former pack. Now, it’s up to Ethan to do whatever it takes to protect his vulnerable mate and make sure they both live to see their happily-ever-after.

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